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Out of Town Exceptional Adventures And Balancing Adventure and Stability


Today we will be going on an out of town adventure to a museum and some sightseeing in a nearby city. Michael is excited about the adventure as are we, his parents. It wasn’t that long ago that outings like these terrified me. How would he act? How would he handle anything unpredictable? How would we as his parents handle it? Yes, there have been colossal successes and colossal failures, but through it all we’ve had adventures to say the least, exceptional adventures, and we have all learned from one another. We don’t take these outings for granted. I know there will be challenges, but we will get through them. Sometimes we are nervous to try new things, but I find that with time and practice we learn to do different things and it helps to form us as people, all of us.

Michael of course loves to go driving anywhere and continuously talks about getting his driver’s license one day. We encourage him that he can with enough hard work and practice, and I hope he does do it. Believing in your child’s potential can only help them in achieving the best things out there, in my opinion.

It has been quite the Spring/March Break for us. Lots of play dates, Michael and I playing at home, yoga sessions, and witnessing Michael’s musical and emerging drama talents. Over the weekend he will have some of his extra curricular activities back and some down time. I think the balance will do him good as he slowly transitions back to Monday’s return to school.

Exceptional Parents, how do your out of town adventures go with your Exceptional Children? Are they adventure seekers outside of the home or are they more of a home body? I think as with everything else, balance is key, a little bit of home and the outside world can do a lot to shape their characters and help unleash the gifts that lie in each of our Exceptional Children. Until next time.