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How To Have An Exceptional Holiday And Open Yourself Up to Another New Year

Happy New Year 2019 to all the amazing Exceptional Families out there! This is one of the hardest times of the year for us and our kids, yet can also be one of the most joyful on the other end. I have lived both the highs and the lows, as have most Exceptional Parents. My trick in increasing the highs has been finding a combination of three things: 1) planned out cherished family traditions, 2) alone adult time with Dad and other adults in the family, and 3) self care and alone time for me BEFORE and DURING the holiday season. How the heck do I do this, you may ask? It takes juggling, trial and error, and most importantly, listening to your own personal gut on what you need to be the best you can be.

For example, this year I did something I never have done before. I always make sure to get some alone time during the busy holiday season of visiting family, going places alone with Michael and family time spent at home or out together. This comes in the form of a Hamamm and massage I do the first week back to school/work. Well, this year my body and spirit were both telling me to do these two things before and during the holiday season, respectively. I went to the Hamamm for an energizing body recharge with a friend before Christmas, and then in the middle between Christmas and the New Year, realized I needed that one hour massage now more than a week or two later when I would usually go. What a difference it made to my spirit to have indulged in both of these activities in the hectic holiday season. It gave me the energy and patience to handle some of the more hectic days home together. As a matter of fact, my gift from me to me this year was a spa gift card as a reminder that self-care is the gift that keeps on giving and helps me do the important work of raising Michael and growing myself into the person I am meant to become while doing the work I am meant to be doing.

Another change I made was booking a night out with a friend to see a movie. Again recharging those batteries during a hectic time when routines are out the window.  Michael has been doing extremely well this holiday season, but there have still been rough patches. They do not seem so insurmountable when I am taking care of me and my health. I also made sure to squeeze in a little two hour date with Dad to catch up. It’s been a stressful time for both of us in 2018, and I feel like with the start of 2019, we both need to prioritize individual as well as couple time. I have enjoyed the time alone I’ve spent with Michael shopping, talking and driving. It’s because I am learning from the mistakes I made burning myself out in the past, that I am applying new self-care, couple-care and family care to our family in 2019. It’s so important to have balance-mental, physical, and spiritual in order to find ourselves again. It’s so important that we teach our children to find this balance and teach our partners that we need this and that they do too. Dad and I have more tweaking to do in 2019, but we are slowly making inroads in this direction.

Exceptional Parents, what are some of your goals for 2019 in your families? I’m sure most of you have it all planned out for your kiddos, but what about goals for you as a parent? Is self-care as high as therapy for your child? Are you making sure to prioritize your relationships? Are you organizing your family and personal life to compliment each other? If so, great. You are on the right track to making 2019 rock. Remember, your amazing child needs their amazing parent to be happy and healthy in all ways. Do the changes you need to keep your whole family balanced and happy in 2019. Until next time.

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Exceptional Mommy Resolutions for 2017

We are almost at the close of another year. It’s incredible how fast the time goes whether we want it to or not. As I look back over this year, I see how far Michael, his Dad and I have come as individuals and as a family. Dad and I have started to not make any more excuses for where we are not and start to work on where we want to be as individuals and as parents. We have showed and continue to show that to Michael. It is hard sometimes. There are days of self-pity for all of us. But I am happy that I can now step back when I am in this mode and look at myself as if I am a character in a play and even laugh a little, “Oh, there she goes singing the I have no time for me card. Oh, there she goes singing the oh this is so hard card.” And I realize. Things are only as hard as we want to make them. Sure, there are challenges in life and obstacles. But if we break them down into small steps, we can succeed. If we instead decide to pity ourselves, we cut ourselves and our abilities short.

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2016 was a terrible year for a lot of close people around me. Family and friends have struggled and continue to struggle with health issues, personal and psychological. Dad and I struggled to help Michael when he started exhibiting more challenging behaviors and had to rule out more serious mental health issues, which we were so relieved were not present. We also had to look at our own personal situation: financial and our home and see what changes we needed to start making to move forward. We had our share of challenges too. Isn’t that always what a New Year does? It’s a chance to start over fresh and make positive changes. So, here if anyone is interested, are my Exceptional Mommy New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Show more patience and kindness: This is something I am going to start doing with me first and then work outwards with family, friends and the world. When we feel positive and light we affect those around us with that same light.
  2. Take care of my overall health: I do a pretty good job here, but I want to really make a point to continue my regular meditation, yoga, exercise routine along with eating well and regular medical checkups as well as prioritizing things like personal time to read and unwind. As a business owner my leisure time is non existent at the moment unless I’ve had a really tough day. That is going to change.
  3. Work on my fiction regularly and send out a completed fiction novel to publishers: I have my dream job of freelance writing and love connecting with parents as a coach. The problem is that I do not have a heck of a lot of time for my fiction writing. I want to carve out regular fiction writing time and send out an old novel to publishers. You never know ! 🙂
  4. Make time for more prayer, spiritual reading and reflection: This is something that I have been talking about since the fall. I will make the time to do this, as I have seen just like exercise, without my time in prayer and reflection, other things in my life come apart.
  5. I will try new things that scare the bleep out of me: I did a few of these in 2016. More to come in 2017. I have seen that it is only by pushing ourselves to the edge of that cliff that we can say we are truly alive and growing. We need to trust that there is a net to catch us below. God help me, I will teach this to Michael too. Autism or not, he has to learn to trust his instincts and I will work with him to do that.

Exceptional Parents, what are some of your New  Year’s resolutions for you and your Exceptional Child? What do you need to let go of and move towards? We all have things we want to change. Use this time as a time of rebirth and renewal. Teach your child to make realistic resolutions if they are capable of it. If not, model for them your own personal transformation, the best example you could set. Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year in 2017! Until next time.

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