My name is Joanne Giacomini. I am a writer, editor, speaker, parent coach, and the mother of a  little boy, Michael, who just happens to have autism. My personal blog,“Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child” http://www.exceptionalmomchild.com, chronicles the  adventures we have had together in raising each other. Yes, you heard me right! My son has taught me so much of what is important, what his and my mission is in this world, that I now want to shout it from the rooftops! I am also working on a book about our adventures entitled “The Five Ways My Exceptional Child Is Making Me An Exceptional Mother.”

I also blog about special needs parenting and parenting in general on Huffington Post Parents Canada, M List as “Montreal Autism Mom”,  and the West Island Suburban under their “Parenting 101” blogs. My work has also been featured  in Yummy Mummy Club Canada as one of their YMCC Community Members,  Scary Mommy, Romper, Her View From Home, Live Out There, Varage Sale, Wise Women Canada, WIAIH Community Newsletter and The West Island Blog.d

As an artist and writer from a very young age, I was always fascinated in reading and writing other people’s stories. Now, since the birth of my son, he has put me at the center of my own story whether I like it or not! Michael is helping me learn to be an exceptional mother and human being by learning how to live in the moment, live joyfully, and to be in balance with myself and with those around me. It is my hope through my posts about Michael, I empower, inspire, and help other Moms, especially Moms with special needs children, find their own balance, joy and peace in their families, their communities, and above all, in themselves.

For more information on  my writing, editing, coaching or speaking services, please see my website, “Exceptional Parenting/Exceptional Balance” below.


“Exceptional Parenting/Exceptional Balance”


email: joanne@exceptionalparenting.net

tel: 514-827-7175

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/exceptional-parenting-exceptional-balance

Twitter: @exceptmomchild

LinkedIn: Joanne Giacomini-Mom blogger of Autism at “Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child”

Google Plus: Joanne Giacomini

Pinterest-Joanne Giacomini-Exceptional Parenting/Exceptional Balance

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