Exceptional Mom Times- Staying Calm In the Storm of Covid-19

calm in storm


So here we are. Weeks ago many of us were living lives as we always have. Coming and going as we please. Taking for granted gathering with families, friends, and going to work. There was busyness. There was movement. There was normalcy. It was life as most humans on the planet have always lived it all around the world.

Today I sit here and write this thinking about how much has changed in the last few weeks for better or worse. Better, you say? Well, in times of crisis people have two choices- panic or band together. We’ve seen a little bit of both, but I see many more people reaching out and helping others, staying calm and focused and getting still, really still, inside as they look at their lives. That is the most important thing. Never has meditation, exercise and being able to handle sitting with our thoughts been more important than right now in history. For all of us.

And what of exceptional parenting? I spent the first 3 days when the virus hit my country in shock and anxiety about how I would handle this and explain it to Michael who is already super anxious to begin with. I used my tools of meditation, prayer,  nature walks to calm my mind and wrap my head around the whole new world we are all living in. I made sure to show this calmness to Michael, to let him know he was safe, would be safe, and that our government and the people in charge had things under control. I remembered when the fear set in that I am the model for calm for Michael, for my whole family, and it needed to start with me, inside of me first.

I expected panic, more behaviors, stress on Michael’s part. There has been anxiety, of course, like for all of us, but he has surprised me once again. He has surprised me with his mature questions, his accepting of so much uncertainty, his optimism in the face of obstacles. I heard him on the phone explaining to a friend that schools may be off for longer than end of March and that it would be okay. It was so we all stay healthy. The government was taking care of us. He has started watching the news and asking me questions about what he is seeing. I am proud of the questions, his concern. I am proud of how far he has come in accepting what he can’t control. I am proud of me for coming this far too as a human being and an exceptional parent. I am proud of my family, friends and the people I observe around me making good choices and helping others when they can.

Exceptional Parents, how are you faring in the tide of this pandemic? How are you staying positive, still and in the moment with your child, with yourself? It’s not easy, but remember, it may sound cliche to hear it all over social media, but we really are in it all together. We can do this. As exceptional parents. As exceptional children. As human beings. Stay healthy. Stay well. Namaste. Until next time.

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