How My Exceptional Son Surprised Me This Halloween

Another Halloween is officially under our belt. This year for the first time in  a long while due to the rainy weather and difficulties meeting up with school friends because of traffic woes, Michael trick or treated alone with me supervising.  It went very well. But the holiday started out differently weeks before when Michael announced this year that he didn’t want me to buy him an official costume. He wanted to partially make his costume this year. His idea? A traffic zombie, combining his favorite type of monster with his favorite activity, watching traffic. I looked for zombie costumes in many stores, but Michael was happy to find a scary mask at a local Dollarama and then found various traffic scenes across our city which he  printed up online. We then found a stick  which we referred to as his traffic staff and attached the various traffic scenes to the traffic, hence we had “Traffic Zombie.” So original. He did not want me to post a picture of him, but was proud of his costume.

Going out trick or treating with my big guy was interesting. After a few houses when the weather worsened, he did not mind turning back and coming home early. After all, he’d had a whole fun day of trick or treating and games at school for Halloween. But even with that, there was a maturity, a sureness in his step as he made the decision to go home. I enjoyed seeing him exercise his creative muscle and come up with a new costume idea. I enjoy watching the interesting young man he is becoming.  He will say things that make me laugh, make me think about the world differently. Even when he is confused or frustrating me, I am seeing how he is learning to trust himself and go his own way. Halloween, like any holiday, is tough on neuro diverse kids. It’s great to see mine learning how to make it his own, be his quirky self, and be proud of the person he is. I sure am.

Exceptional Parents, how did you and your Exceptional Child fare this Halloween? Did your child feel pressure to be like everyone else or did you? Remember, the most important thing for any child is to let them be themselves no matter what. The message you are sending them is that they are amazing as they are. They don’t need to conform to other people’s expectations of who they are. They just need to be themselves. Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Until next time.

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