5 Ways To Build A Relationship With Your Exceptional Child

It does not matter how old they are or at what developmental stage they are at. Your exceptional child wants a relationship with you. What usually holds them back is difficulty with expressing themselves clearly and asking for what they need. But they want to be and feel close to you. Even if your child is a chatterbox, it is no guarantee that they will know how to explain what they need from you. So where can  a parent start to build the bridge? Here are 5 ways to build a relationship with your exceptional child:

  1. Build in play time from babyhood: It’s important that you find ways to interact with your child through playing basic interaction games with them to open up their world.
  2. Spend time reading to them: Reading books together (and later discussing said books) is a great way to bond. Talk and read at their level.
  3. Go places in the community together: It’s important that as long as extreme aggression or anxiety is not an issue, that you take your child out in the community both so that they can bond with you doing new things as well as learn about the people around them.
  4. Enjoy their interests as much as they do: Even if hearing about dinosaurs one more time makes you want to scream (been there, done that ;)) immerse yourself in it and enjoy it because your child does. You love your child, so you love what they love.
  5. Help them see that when they are stuck, you will help them: This seems like a no-brainer, but due to expressive and receptive language issues, anxiety, learning issues and a whole slew of other things, exceptional kids have so much on their plate. When problems come up (personal or school ones) they usually feel alone and explode. Make sure that you show them by words and action, that you are there to help them fix the problem and find a solution together.

Exceptional Parents, do you feel you are close to your Exceptional Child? If so, that’s great. If not, don’t be discouraged. You can always build  a relationship. As long as your child knows you love them for who they are and accept them with all their quirks (as they except you) you are off on the right track to build a long lasting relationship of love and trust with them for the rest of their life and yours. Until next time.

I am a writer, speaker and parent coach. I blog about how my exceptional son with Autism, ADHD, OCD  and Type 1 Diabetes is raising me to a better human being and exceptional mom. My mission is to empower other exceptional parents to trust in their parenting instinct while letting their exceptional child open their eyes to all that is possible! For more information on my coaching services and to download a copy of my FREE EBOOK “5 WAYS TO HANDLE EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY ANXIETY” see my website, http://www.creatingexceptionalparenting.com

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