Day: November 11, 2018

Letting Go Of Pride, Asking And Accepting Help For Yourself And Your Exceptional Family

I have a hard time asking for help. There, I’ve said it. Maybe there is a support group for this out there. If not, I’ve often thought how I should start one. Many women, especially exceptional Moms, have a hard time admitting the world is closing in on them. But this is normal. We all experience times when we need to reach out and ask for help or accept help in order to move forward in a healthy manner. This month I experienced this firsthand.  I developed a case of severe tendonitis. I am still healing from it, and  I am now seeing what the Universe and God have been trying to tell me since the fall. Slow down Joanne. I also had two bad muscle pulls in my legs. They didn’t slow me down as much as the tendonitis, but I was not able to do my yoga or exercise and even meditate comfortably. What did I say to myself? As soon as I heal, I will go back to exercising 3 times a week, and yoga along with my daily meditation. I need to do this to feel whole, in balance and to be my best self. What I did I do instead? Make excuses to not exercise.

Yes, I was stressed with all the issues we have been dealing with concerning Michael, even though things have been getting better. Yes, I was tired. Yes, I needed to write and was glad that I did and am glad I am still doing that. But I broke a sacred promise to myself about self-care and it showed in my patience and energy level at home. Before long, I felt overwhelmed as I could not bring myself to ask for help from family and friends.. There it is. Asking for help, and eek, accepting it. Hard concepts for me and for most women. We are so used to keeping to ourselves, fighting our kids’ battles, and fighting our own. We don’t want to appear weak. Weak doesn’t get services and help for our kids. Weak makes our child feel frightened and our family fall apart, or so we tell ourselves.  Weak means we can’t cope and we will drown. This is a fallacy.

We want to carry our family, and we often do, but at the cost of our own mental and physical well-being most of the time. So what can we do if we feel we are burning the candle at both ends? It’s one of the easiest and hardest things in the world-ask for help from those around you. Ask family and friends for physical and emotional help. Ask the Universe and God to lead you to people who can open up doors for you and your child, but most important of all, let go of the fact that you are weak if you need to ask or accept help of any kind. The strong parent does this, for themselves and their child. Don’t wait for a stressful life event to remind you of your mortality. I knew better, but still it took me getting a physical injury to be reminded of the support from family and friends that I have. Everyone has rallied around to help me and my family move forward and we are all doing fine, including me. It’s time I remember the lesson fate has been trying to teach me from the beginning-ask for help for you an your family IMMEDIATELY when you need it. Don’t wait for a stressful life events strike.

Exceptional Parents, how good are you at asking for and accepting help? Both are important in order to be reminded that you are not alone, that you are strong enough to show your child that you can support them in every way possible as you accept support when you need it, and that you will grow from the help and love around you too. Until next time.

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