Day: October 5, 2018

Seeing Your Child Beyond The Labels- A First Step in Helping Them Achieve Their Potential

I have one piece of advice that has served me best over all the other things I have been told about parenting a child with a different brain: see your child beyond their label. This means when you are presented with a new diagnosis, a new challenge, a new frustration, you say to yourself, this is something my child is struggling with. It does not define who they are. It does not define who I am if I react to it in a less favorable way. I think the last statement is harder for parents to handle, but still it is possible. You as a parent do your best to make sure your child is loved for who they are, and you love them to the best of your availability. This is the best way to prepare them for the future of their life and you for yours.

You also have to patient. Be patient with your own shortcomings when you deal with your child’s challenges as well as your own. Remember, no one is perfect! You also need to get a handle on remembering things like your child is not trying to make your life difficult. If he/she is being demanding or challenging, check out what else is going on. They may have medical issues that are physical or psychological impeding their successes. In the end, as hard as it is, you are the parent and need to remember to encourage them. However, you are also a human being. If you are not as encouraging as you wanted to be, you can always tray again with something new, a new approach, a new way of seeing yourself and your child. This starts by seeing the two of you as separate human being who love one another, but who are very different.

Exceptional Parents, how do  you help your Exceptional Child see themselves beyond their labels? The first step would be showing them what they are good at, followed by what they could improve. Do the same for you. Tweak and remove what is not working. Then you will be the best parent you can possibly be. Until next time.