How Exceptional Parents Can Press The Reset Button On Manifesting Abundance In Their Exceptional Family

Times are tough. Summers are even tougher. At least they are in most exceptional families. Ours is no exception, but with many wonderful angels in my life that God and the Universe keep putting in my path, I am hearing t the same refrain: You need to bring hope and the abundance mindset back. Now, by abundance mindset, it does not necessarily mean  financial though it could be. Abundance also includes emotional, physical and spiritual balance. It is about clearing out the clutter in our minds, hearts and lives. It is about not letting pain and worry about our children, ourselves and loved ones define our whole experience. Though I know this and help other Moms and people move out of this mindset, I have noticed in the last month that I have been stuck in a negative mindset where my hope has been shaky. I have been letting pain and fear rule, never a good idea. Well, I decided last weekend no more. I am on a journey back to rediscovering hope, love, community and seeing the beauty in even the most painful situation.

It starts with seeing the beauty in yourself, in all your moods. Next, look with love on your child and other family members. Michael has been giving me reasons to smile even in the midst of his fear and personal struggles lately. He has even made me chuckle once or twice. I know laughter is coming back soon again in our family. Why? Because we are slowly opening up to the reality that life is a mix of beauty, darkness, and everything in between.

Looking at Michael swimming last night at one or our community pools, I saw him having fun, relaxed and smiling while fooling around in the water. He was flipping underwater and then swimming. He kept looking at me sitting on deck with a puzzled look and then asked,

“Mommy, why aren’t you coming in to swim?”

“You know what Michael. I’m tired today. I’m going to watch instead.”
He was disappointed and tried several more times. I usually enjoyed swimming with Michael and in general, but last night was so tired and stressed. I took a Mommy respite on shore while he entertained himself. I was also afraid of silly inaproppriate behaviors starting as lately they had when I was in the water with him. Alone, he did great. As I looked at him, I thought how cute and sweet he is from this distance when I’m not putting out behavior or attitude fires. I realized that I had to start rebuilding my patience level with me before I could be patient with him. Today I went for a massage and did a long meditation and yoga workout. Those are part of my resets to rebuilding my abundance mindset. Every woman must frind her own.

Exceptional Parents, are you stuck in a negative mindset? If so, don’t worry. Start with baby steps in calming down your stress level first. A calm relaxed person can see difficulties more clearly. Go easy on yourself. Do things that make you happy. Your child will pick up on that playful vibe. That will help them as well handle their fear more easily. Together, you can both channel a more positive mindset in your lives. Until next time.

I am a writer, speaker and parent coach. I blog about how my exceptional son with autism and type 1 diabetes is raising me to a better human being and exceptional mom. My mission is to empower other exceptional parents to trust in their parenting instinct while letting their exceptional child open their eyes to all that is possible! For more information on my coaching services and to download a copy of my FREE EBOOK “5 WAYS TO HANDLE EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY ANXIETY” see my website,

2 thoughts on “How Exceptional Parents Can Press The Reset Button On Manifesting Abundance In Their Exceptional Family

  1. I always find that when I am stuck in my own head that I don’t see the joy and beauty surrounding me. For some reason I love that you stayed out of the pool and got to watch your son having fun.:)


    1. So true! It’s when we stop focusing on trying to fix or get in on every situation that we see the reality, the good and bad, and what needs to be fixed. I stayed out of the pool to avoid any fights as he and I were tired, but got this great surprise of seeing him enjoying himself alone. It was nice! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts once again.


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