Day: June 19, 2018

The Little Moments That End Up Being Big Ones- Exceptional Child Surprises

music  concert.jpg

“Are you enjoying the blues music Michael or are you bored?”

I watched Michael closely on the beach towel while we both relaxed listening to the blues music being played by our local blues festival. It was late afternoon and there were not too many people. Perfect for a beautiful sunny afternoon out. We had just finished eating dinner. He had done so well as always, with cooperating for his blood sugar and injection. I remembered last year how restless he was after he had his Jamaican patty and veggies. But this year he seemed calmer and serene.

“No, Mommy. I like the music. I want to stay a long time this year. Maybe till 11:00 pm.” I smiled to myself. It was 5:30 pm and though he was happy, I thought 11:00 pm would be pushing it a little. Then, the next words out of his mouth both made me proud and broke my heart a little:

“Last year I was not able to sit here and listen to the music with you. I had diabetes Mommy, and I didn’t have my insulin. I was very sick. This year, my diabetes is being treated with the insulin and I feel so much better.”

The pride I had in his maturity was matched by my sorrow for my little guy that has to deal with living with diabetes though he is such a champ about it. He is so good at carb counting and learning more every day. He reminds us of his snacks, what injection pen he needs and knows the difference between high and low blood sugar. He also is so good at remembering the timing of his injections. And his attitude about having diabetes is very matter of fact, though there are times he is sad of course. He has asked me if he will have diabetes for life. I told him yes, but now he explains his disease to others patiently and says what we told him, that as long as he manages it with proper insulin, diet and exercise he will be fine. He also told me that he does like learning about the diabetes equipment he has to use, that it’s kind of cool. I don’t think I would have coped at 11 years old as well as Michael is coping with this new health condition. He is my hero here as well as for so many other reasons! When he has challenging behavior days and learning challenges, I remember the high times.

But this moment in time also reminded me of something else-how precious those little moments are that we spend with our children and what it means to our relationship with them. Michael and I really bonded that afternoon, as well as earlier that day bike riding. I am seeing more and more each day how Michael is maturing. He is better able to communicate his feelings to me, stay more in the moment when doing his activities, and asking very important questions about life. This is what really matters in the end-to see the light at the end of the tunnel when times are rough for parents and for their child.

Exceptional Parents, how often have you noticed that those little moments you spend with your child actually end up being the big ones they and you remember? It’s amazing when we realize that we as Exceptional Parents can help make our Exceptional Child’s reality good or bad by what we say and do, and by showing them how much we love to spend time together. Today, don’t be afraid to look for those little moments to have a conversation, hug, laugh, or just sit next to one another and enjoy each other’s company. This is what they will remember, and will help them become even more resilient in life. Who knows, they may even help you become more resilient in your life too. Until next time.

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