Day: May 18, 2018

How Exercise And Movement Helps The Exceptional Child Feel Better

nervous child.jpg

Michael has been active since birth. He has always loved to move and has felt the best when he was exercising, playing, walking, exploring. Of course, it was sometimes done at a pace that was faster than I was used to. That is when I learned about sensory integration and how important it was for a different brained child to have exercise and movement in their life. It is important for neuro typical children too, of course for many of the same reasons- stress release, balance and bonding with parents. But for kids with sensory issues and aggression, physical movement will go a long way in helping them handle anxiety. I see that when Michael moves, he is calmer. He uses movement both to regulate and calm down. I have learned to tell the difference over the years.

This week has been a particularly tough week anxiety wise.  My heart breaks for him as he is either struggling with anxiety or aggression, sometimes both, but usually one or the other. I know how hard it is for him to control his emotions, his anxiety. He has some good tools that he uses (deep breathing, jumping on his trampoline, swinging, a mantra he says to calm down), but sometimes even this does not work. We are now back to searching for new strategies to help with fears over accessing negative videos on the internet and anything internet related, fears of changes in teaching staff, or handling issues on the bus. It all boils down to one central issue-lack of control over his own feelings and inadequate coping mechanisms. I know Michael can breathe and make his way through these crises’, but the problem is Michael is not trusting himself. I know once he does, he will do amazing as he does at everything else.

Exceptional Parents, does your Exceptional Child do better at coping with stress after being physically active? I’m sure they do. We all do. The thing is, with our Exceptional Kids they need regular exposure to exercise and movement for the benefits to take effect. With time, they will realize that when they move, they feel calmer, and that calm feeling along with other strategies to stay balanced like sensory massages, yoga and breathing, will help them move to the next level in handling their own anxiety issues. Until next time.

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