Day: February 20, 2018

How To Show Your Child You Value Their Uniqueness While Teaching Societal Rules

child unique.jpegThis weekend was a good one with Michael. We had an action packed two days with activities, structured and unstructured, and he earned many points   (a new system we are using that an Educator suggested), which added up to two favorite rewards of his, a visit to his favorite shopping mall and extra IPAD time. He also got a chance to spend time with a favorite babysitter while Dad and I went out on a dinner date. That was fun for all too! 🙂

What I also found really worked to have a good weekend behavior-wise with me and Michael, was the fact that I made sure to show Michael how I appreciated all his efforts to show me the skills he is continuously acquiring in handling his diabetes management, mapping, cooking,  swimming, reading and writing. He also wanted to go on walks and read a book together. Of course, these things had to be done at a certain time and place in the home. For example, if I was busy doing chores or had to finish something, I made sure to explain in advance to Michael that I would love to look at what he had done and spend time with him, but it would need to be at the time when I was finished my work. I am slowly showing Michael there is a time and place to do do things, talk and spend time together. He is also beginning to understand that. The thing is, that a parent needs to do this in a way that a child knows the parent sees them as unique and special, but also follows a structure and routine that is logical. Michael is starting to understand this and I am happy to see that. For kids with autism this can be super challenging.

Exceptional Parents, what works for you in balancing teaching your child they are an individual and that they have to follow a similar routine/structure to other children? What are some of the things you have learned in your journey so far? I think for most of us, it is that our children teach us so much about how smart and flexible they can be if they understand what is expected of them. This is pretty much the same as for all of us. Remember to love and encourage all the passions your child has, while teaching them what they can do to better the world we live in. They have so much to contribute. They just need people to see their potential. It all starts with their primary caregivers believing in their abilities. Until next time.

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