Day: February 6, 2018

Exceptional Rules For Exceptional Homes-Our Family’s Sign That We Are On the Right Track

On Friday night Michael and I had a long discussion about catechism and if he wanted to return to attending classes that will be preparing  him for his Confirmation next year, a big reaffirming of a Catholic’s faith. You see, he is over six chapters behind the rest of the class. With all the behaviors and aggression that came to a head in the fall, I stopped taking him and was trying to do the program at home. He also spoke about looking forward to going as it “got him out of the house,” and he loves the teacher, a very down to earth woman who loves religion and teaches kids about God and Jesus in a way that really engages them and makes it fun. I am not sure if he is ready to continue the classes, and want him to go back for the “right reasons” as I told him. He agreed that this week he would catch up in the evenings on his catechism chapters, and let me know how he is feeling about going back to attending classes regularly. I could potentially see him being able to attend the classes now. The medication he is on has made him calmer and better able to handle his emotions, though we have some work to do and are hard at work doing it.

What struck me when I glanced at the chapter for the last class however, (which we will be looking at sometime this week), was about the 10 Commandments and how important following rules is. This almost made me laugh, as that is what our Educator spoke of on her last visit at our home to help Michael with regulating his emotions. She spoke to him and I about if we had “Family Rules,” an official one where we all had codes of conduct we all abide by. We did not have one in writing as most families probably don’t, but it got me thinking. The rules I wrote up, some which the Educator suggested, no yelling, show honesty, no interrupting, no hitting for anyone, (Dad and I don’t hit, but to show Michael this is universally not allowed), reminded me that like the ten commandments, which helped people govern themselves and live in peace in ancient times, secular rules are just as important to live peacefully and successfully in a family or with a group of people. I’ve often thought that the universe sends me signs of what is the right thing to do at the right time. Seeing that catechism chapter and having been reminded about family rules from our educator, showed me how important having a basis from which we operate can help an individual and their family. From that, emerged some great rules that I have put down on paper and that we will be practicing as a family. This will hopefully help Michael be more successful in handling himself, and Dad and I in handling our emotions as well when he is having a rough time. Prayer is always offered as an option too, as it is one that works for our family.

Exceptional Parents, do you have family rules that you follow so that each member knows that they have a safe haven to express themselves? Have you ever had a sign or signs that you are on the right or wrong track in parenting your child? Remember, God and the Universe are always guiding us and our children if we watch for those signs. Until next time.

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