Gratitude In The Face Of Struggle-More Teachings From My Exceptional Child

happiness  after struggle.jpeg

Michael and I have had our our hard times an our easy times. We have laughed and cried together. And boy, have we grown. I have seen how much Michael has grown up in the last year, and me too. Well actually, I am still growing, learning about how to be a better more patient Mom, love myself more as an individual and let things go. Letting things go has always been hard for me. It is still challenging as I can be a little on the obsessive side, but Michael has shown me over the years that sometimes you have to ride things out. Worrying does you no good. Letting go means letting go of the control we think we have over every part of our life. We don’t have that. We can control many times in ourselves. But we can’t control other people. We can control how we react to what other people say or do and realize that life tests us in many ways to help us become stronger.

Our family has had its first gastro virus in about five years. We have been fortunate to avoid it for a long time, and this year, Michael’s first year with diabetes, is the year it came into the house. Dad and I were scared as we were warned that it could become dangerous, but thanks to our terrific team at our local Children’s Hospital, Michael is slowly recovering. When it hit, we were so scared, but I decided to put into practice gratitude. What? How can a person be grateful for sickness. Well, you can look at the fact that Michael had his parents here to take care of him, a good team of doctors, and though we all had it, it was milder than some of the other times this family went through this particular virus. I was also grateful for a Snow Day today, which meant Michael will not be missing as much school as he normally would, and I am grateful that I too was home today from work and able to heal.

Keeping a gratitude journal is showing me again to be happy and grateful for the little things. They are what matter in the end. We can always learn from something and become stronger for it. The conflicts I’ve had with Michael lately as well as helping him handle sickness, have taught me as much about patience and growth as they have Michael. He is a very calm and patient little sick person, but there were times today when he was panicky and scared. It’s only normal. From the patience I’ve learned as a Mom and towards myself, I was able to talk and reassure him that all would be well soon. It’s not always easy to be grateful when things take a downturn, but life is all about getting back up on your feet and trying again. Michael’s positive attitude today, even while sick, reminded me of how blessings can be viewed in a bigger way.

Exceptional Parents, what struggles with your child are you grateful for? Remember, these struggles are what make them and you stronger human beings and grow in your relationships, all of them. So next time you have a bad or rough day with your child, remember to ask yourself what can you learn from this and take away as a lesson? Be gentle with yourself and them. Until next time.

I am a writer, speaker and parent coach. I blog about how my exceptional son with autism and type 1 diabetes is raising me to a better human being and exceptional mom. My mission is to empower other exceptional parents to trust in their parenting instinct while letting their exceptional child open their eyes to all that is possible! For more information on my coaching services and to download a copy of my FREE EBOOK “5 WAYS TO HANDLE EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY ANXIETY” see my website,

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