The Importance Of Being Present For Your Exceptional Child

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So today was one of those days that Michael really needed me to listen, to drop everything and just listen. It was a pleasure as he was calm and affectionate. Inquisitive and thoughtful. Scared and profound. There are other days when he is confrontational and negative. Those are the harder days to stay present for him in the moment. I still do it, but it is challenging unless I have been practicing really good self-care and am really rested. Balance for our kids is so important as well as routine. Since diabetes has joined autism we really see the need for balance and staying present now more than ever. I always tell people that I truly believe and try to learn from what life is teaching me and members of my family in each and every moment. Even in negative moments when we make mistakes, we could look back and see that we are being shown how to learn patience, forgiveness, our own strength or how to become stronger. Everything happens for a reason.

Michael is dealing with a lot at the moment and is doing an amazing job handling it all. Still, he has his moments. His anxiety, his need to control things and learn to let go, are challenges. We hope that now with medication added to his strategy this, this will help him be more at ease in his mind and body. Dad and I are ready to move forward with whatever is most helpful for Michael as always. He continues to impress me with his questions, his actions, his thoughts on his life now and the changes that have come on. I learn about these feelings during our talks together. This is an important time when we could bond, open up, and learn about give and take, share love, and slow time down. This is something so important. It sends the message to our children that “they” not their diagnoses matter first above everything else.

Exceptional Parents, are you making time to be present for your Exceptional Child? It’s not easy at all to do this, but it is an art. Find pockets of time-snack time, dinner time, right before bed to talk, exchange information, share a laugh. This will go farther in bringing you and your child closer than anything else. It will also show your child how much they matter to you for being them, special through and through. When they feel this way, they will begin to do even more amazing things. Until next time.

I am a writer, speaker and parent coach whose son with Autism and Type 1 Diabetes has shown me a whole new way to see the world and embrace the joy of  living in the moment! I believe in empowering parents to trust their own instincts when it comes to their children, and in helping them parent with love, respect and confidence on their own exceptional parenting journey.

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