Day: October 3, 2017

Exceptional Resources to Help Your Exceptional Child Thrive In School from


So once in a while I come across or am contacted by great organizations that are all about helping all children, including exceptional ones, learn and thrive in various environments. is just such a site. In the summer, I came across one of their fun summer experiments to do with the kiddos, and now have had a chance to look at another two worksheets called “Kayak Preposition Word Search.” These sheets basically were created to help children from as young as kindergarten and onward in elementary school learn about the proper use of prepositions in a sentence. They have also found a fun way to do this. After all, a lot of our kids will sometimes think of learning as hard boring work instead of an adventure. Resources like these make learning fun and adapt it to kids of all ages.

The Kayak Preposition Word Search has various templates which make learning words and prepositions fun and interesting. ( There are five (5) different templates that a child could choose from when learning about their propositions. There are the insect themed worksheets,  the young girl kayaking themed worksheets, the sea creatures themed worksheets, the dancing themed worksheets, and the fall themed worksheets. A child can zero in on their interest and learn at the same time. Here are two PDF’s with show the themed worksheets. The first one is an example of a “Prepositions Word Search.” The second attachment is the “Prepositions Word Search Answer Key.”

As parents we get to see how fun and learning go together and teach our children the same thing. The whole site has tons of great ideas that can help parents make learning a cool and interactive experience for their kids. I will be checking out some of these worksheets with Michael when there are PED DAYS or holidays, and there is time to explore new ways to learn and engage with the world at home.

Exceptional Parents, what resources do you use to help engage your Exceptional Children? Do they like learning online better than in books? Are they word smiths or mathematicians? The important thing is to discover what fuels them and makes them want to learn and know more. You can also adapt these types of online resources, as remember, no one knows your child better than you. You are the best advocate. Until next time.

Disclosure Statement: I received the  PDF samples included in this blog post from for review purposes only. I was not compensated in any way for my writing. The opinions stated here are solely my own.

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