Small Moments That Mean So Much-How Exceptional Parents Can Find The Joy In Summertime


I do my best to treasure every moment I have with Michael and remind myself about the wonder of his questions, the wonderful way his brain works, and the way he’ll start talking about a subject he loves with such enthusiasm it melts my heart. But I am a mortal Mom, and there are times when I also say to myself, “I love my child, but man does he talk too much and quickly and loudly.” No matter that’s a chip off this old block  and I’ve learned over the years to say a little less, lower my voice (I also talk loud when excited), but there are times when Moms want quiet, to be undisturbed and peaceful. Yes, I know that’s what early mornings and bedtimes are about if we are still up for them, but I digress. 🙂 I also find it funny that I want Michael to stop talking sometimes. When he was a baby I did everything to get him to speak. I remember thinking his world, my world would be complete when he spoke. And though it was and is, well, parents with all kinds of children know what I mean. When Michael aces something and does it well, boy does he. Once he figured out the steps to walking and talking his learning speed doubled and he was off.

It’s exciting and sometimes exhausting as a Mom to keep up with his stamina, verbal and physical. Like all Moms, I am trying to juggle work, home and my writing, and as he gets older and independent I am trying to get more of the rest of life in. I neglected so much around me (and myself) for a sizable amount off time, that now I see I could let go of worrying and being his constant playmate. Yet, there are times I know he still needs me. He loves spending time together and going places. He says he loves that I take him places. I joke that it’s part of the reason I need to get back into great physical shape, but it also raises other questions for me. Why am I feeling stressed being with my son? I love spending time with him and know he is only young once. I also love that he shows me to take “the longer way around” life sometimes. We go on adventures. It is way more fun than my way most of the time. I have realized it is due to pressures that I put on myself as an Exceptional Mom and an all around-woman. All women tend to beat themselves up if their homes, their jobs, their families are not perfect. I also extend it to making sure my kid is happy. I have realized it is important to learn to just let myself be, and show Michael that it is the best way to be happy.

summer fun

Summer is a great time to take in every moment with your child. I always joke that the weeks Michael is home from camp are the most fun and tiring weeks for me at the same time. I look forward to spending that time and making it special for him. It is special to me as well making memories that he will take with him into adulthood. And they do not have to be fancy and expensive memories. I have also learned that.

Exceptional Parents, how does summertime go for you and your Exceptional Child? Remember, keep them busy doing what they love, take some time alone and make sure they have alone time as well, and when they are chasing after you, and you feel oh I need peace, remember about the victories from long ago when they could not communicate, were so helpless they did not know how to play, and now they are engaging with the world and you. Remember and enjoy the moment. They are only young once. Until next time.

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