Day: July 3, 2017

How Being In Touch With Our Inner Child Helps Us As Exceptional Parents

Yesterday was a good day with Michael. Days are starting to become easier with Michael as I am getting back my confidence as a Mom. I am learning how to be firm again while being loving. I am learning how not to lose myself in his anxiety by creating more of my own. And most important of all, I am remembering how important it is for me to play again. I am remembering how when I am happy, calm, relaxed and centered, when I am playful with myself and doing things that bring me joy and passion and excitement it is a lot easier to find the well of compassion for my child, or at least the well of understanding for when he is having, or giving, a rough time. That is the key. When as parents, we remember to play doing things that make us happy, we will have more reserves left for our kids. And, we will enjoy having fun doing things with them.

Michael and I took a long walk together and even when he had one brief outburst  he resolved it quickly by taking a seat and calming down. Then he got back up and we walked and talked and enjoyed our time together. Later we went to some Canada Day festivities and he was calm and curious. I was picking up on his adventure seeking as he did on mine as I took pictures of him to put in his photo album at the end of the summer for his “what I did on my summer vacation” collage. I felt excited walking the grounds of our city’s Canada Day celebrations among bouncy castles, face painting and food kiosks. It brought me back to my childhood and the fun of being outdoors, enjoying the moment and spending family time. I truly believe that the last week of me getting back to taking care of me-practicing daily yoga, meditation and working on my fiction novel, have all been shaping me back into myself to handle the next leg of my parenting journey with Michael-this child who is slowly growing into a young man, discovering new interests, pushing me away then pulling me back in for hugs, and needing guidance, playful time, and time to grow, just like his Mom.

Exceptional Parents, how in touch are you with your inner child? Do you play alone? If time is tight, try and think of things you used to enjoy doing as child and build that into your day to get back in touch with your child-like self. Maybe it was swimming, a walk around your neighborhood, a bike ride or strolling in the library or bookstore. Whatever it is, do it. You will see how close you and your child will begin growing as they see you taking care of yourself. They will comment and ask questions, and you can answer, “I am doing what makes me feel good honey.” Be good to the child  within and you will be able to more easily help your exceptional child reach their full potential. Until next time.


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