Chores, Control, and Teaching Your Child Their Value



Michael is learning about how he can earn chore money and buy himself things. He feels so good that he has this power and some control over a life he sometimes feels so little control over. Like a lot of children, neuro typical or not, he does not like following rules that others make sometimes. He is learning though, that it is necessary for all people, children and adults, to follow rules. Without them, things would fall apart. Another good thing I think that Michael doing chores is teaching him, is that he can make a contribution to the world and contribute value. It’s not that just being him is not valuable. Of course it is. We all have value as human being regardless of what money we make or not. However, doing chores is also helping out his parents and that makes us feel good, him feel good, and helps our family run smoothly. Of course for him it is still about the money gets me this toy, but in time we hope that message will sink in too. Helping others helps us too. We give and we get back thank you’s, appreciation and help things move forward in a positive way.

Explaining the worth of chores as well and what translates into a small chore versus a bigger one has also been an interesting experience for me to explain to him. I have written out the value of each chore he is capable of helping with and shown him how many he would have to do to earn a $10.00 toy for example. He has understand the message very clearly, as of course he has seen it on paper. There were some days he asked if he could skip his chores. We told him that then we would have less time to do family things as Daddy and I would be finishing up the chores alone and he would not have money should he see a toy he liked. He is learning the give/take of this exchange and I think it is helping him understand a little more of how the world works.

Exceptional Parents, do you have your child helping with chores for money or as part of their family responsibility? If they are able to understand the basic concept of chores, it is a great idea to teach responsibility and to show them they have some control over helping and over purchasing things they like and want. It also shows them they are a part of the bigger whole of the family and the world. These are all important lessons to take with them in life. Until next time.

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