Seeing the Need Behind Chattiness-How Exceptional Parents Can Remain Patient And Help


So we are coming full circle with Michael’s behaviors. I am noticing the cycle of ignoring me, to acting out with me, to wanting me all to himself and chatting up a storm all day. All are related to anxiety and also to Michael figuring out his way in the social world and how he fits in with all of it.. I am happy to see he is moving away from extreme aggression and even though there were some outbursts, verbal and physical, he immediately went to his “anger box” and started writing down how he was feeling. He even knew he was supposed to use the anger box before the outburst, and reminded himself he would do it next time. I am also doing my best to remind him to use his “strategy cards” that he made with the psychologist and to try and recognize when he feels scared or nervous inside. It’s not the time to act out, but turn inwards and find ways to calmly handle it before lashing out.

I love how he is using talking to try and figure things out. We talked about a family event happening in the future and different ways he will be using to deal with his fears about it. We talked about him being away from me and his fears about that. We talked a lot and though  it was little exhausting for me, I could  see how he needed it. I was a chatty kid who reasoned through much of my stresses by talking them through with my mother and later friends. It helped me tremendously. Eventually though, I also had to find ways to cope with anxiety and stress through other physical forms though. Meditation saved me and helped me learn balance. Now I know my formula for balance out and do my best to meet that need. I am hoping with time Michael will find his best way to meet his need.

Exceptional Parents, how do you and your child handle anxiety? Do you or they talk up a storm or are there other ways they handle it? As long as you both come full circle in the techniques you use, all will go well. Until next time.

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