Story Telling and the Art of Imaginary Friends-My Exceptional Son’s Growth


So as Michael is coming down off some behaviors he is turning back to some positive ways to handle all the energy and ideas in his head. My little guy is going back to storytelling! I was so excited to see him writing another story yesterday. The theme was the same as the last one. Our cat, Princess, and his imaginary friend, Meeko, (the raccoon from Poccohontas) go to another shopping mall, pull pet food from the shelves, spill the bags, eat the pet food, and then get in trouble with police as they don’t want to pay for the pet food they eat. They go to jail, but another friend comes to pay the fine to bail them out. Yes, guess who has been asking police questions. 😉 Still I was excited that Michael was starting to make creative connections again, and wants me to read this story out loud at a future writer’s meeting. J I was proud that he was channeling some positive energy in a good direction. I was also glad to see him calm, and talking about how he needs to stop swearing, hitting and using aggression. He is starting to connect the dots about other outlets for his creative and emotional energy.

I, for my part, was so happy to see him doing something constructive with his time. He has so much energy, emotional and physical. I like how he is recognizing it, and making sure to use it wisely and the look on his face when I praised him yesterday said it all. Even though  we are still having our challenging days, (and they can be challenging), I am so proud that Michael is learning to slowly self-regulate, move through difficult moments and come out a stronger little boy. I like how he is going back to his imagination and not just looking to play video games and watch videos in his free time.  A balance of everything is healthy. He also is agreeing to stop the toy purge completely and remember that he can still play with some of his toys. He has not outgrown all of them after all. I like how he is learning to balance school, work, and tolerating being at home, which is something he does not like, but which sometimes needs to happen.

Exceptional Parents, how are your Exceptional Children playing and showing you their emotional growth? Most of our kids do it in small amounts. Sometimes they take two steps forward, and sometimes it is two steps back. Still, we have to look at the momentum and that they are trying and moving forward. As their parents, we can’t wish for anything more than our children learning, growing and trying new things. Until next time.

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