Love and Space-What I Crave From My Exceptional Son

There are the days and nights that I say, oh my goodness, I have treasured every moment today with this child. Then there are those days, when things have been more difficult, and though I love my child more than anything, I am happy to have my space from him, away from the arguments, the anxiety, the aggression, the screaming. The last two weeks has been a mix of several of these days and nights, but at the end of it all, I have to look at the amazing kid Michael is. He is inquisitive, funny, alert, detailed, and constantly looking to learn new things. He wants to both teach me and be taught by me. He is not afraid to show his feelings, for better or worse, and I admire him for that. He has gumption, and will continue to tirelessly argue his cause way after he has lost the cause. It is amazing to see, though sometimes tiresome as a parent. I often wish for days of having more patience to handle the rough moments. Then I remember I usually have patience. Some days are easier than others to be patient . Others I am tired, overwhelmed and have my own stress and issues to deal with.

Lately I realize I have been neglecting some self-care which has had me feeling the need for MAJOR escape. I am remedying that by taking weekly relaxation baths, mandatory fiction reading nights, and soon, soon I will find the energy to go out with girlfriends and back to my writers’ groups in the evenings. Working all day, then working with Michael and on my writing is major soul work but as a Mom it is important to focus on my health too. If I am not feeling one hundred percent in tune emotionally, physiclly and spiritually with rest, meditation and exercise, I feel not have the patience I want to have to ride the roller coaster ride of exceptional parenting. And Michael deserves me on that ride with him, strong and focused. Yes, I fill out behavior charts, follow up on further health assessments, summer camps, doctor’s appointments, and write social stories while trying to make play dates and encourage him in all extra curricular activities. But I am wiped and need a break. Michael misses me taking him to the park, having fun, spending time together. With the nice weather coming, I want to start this again, for his sake and mine. But in order to be the Mom he needs with patience again, I need to start by taking care of my needs to teach Michael how to take care of his.

Exceptional Parents, how often do you give yourselves permission to stop pushing and just be with yourself? How often do you do this with your kids? It is mandatory for mental and physical health that you tune out and be on your own for a bit to rebuild your strength. You will parent better, enjoy your child more, and they will sense that from you, that joy of being with them. Until next time.

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