Exceptional Ways of Expressing Oneself and Love-What Michael Has Taught Me



For all of the stresses Michael carries around inside himself and the things he worries about, there are also the times he shares such beautiful things about life and how he sees the world. His brain works in such a cool way. One of his favorite things to do is to give me a hug and smell my neck. He says it relaxes him like being in a spa (wonder where he got that from) 😉 and he has become fascinated with bones in faces, people’s and animals. He was rub up against my face and say that he loves my bony face. God gave me the best Mommy face in the world. Weird, but cute, just the way I know him. And heck, I’m weird. We are all weird in our own way. And if we celebrate our weirdness that is what makes us special, unique able to bring our gifts to the world whatever they may.
Of course we have to learn to conform to societal rules. This is a toughie for Michael as Dad I have to sometimes remind him that he has to follow rules when he does not want to. Again, all of us have been in this situation one time or another. It’s all about learning to balance our weirdness or uniqueness with the rules we have to follow in the world. It’s all about meeting halfway until we find ourselves in the center of it all. People with autism and other exceptional abilities are just like us. Only for them it’s harder to find that middle ground of them in the world. The world is a strange and confusing place a lot of the time and the rules don’t always make sense to them.


As a parent, it is our job to help our children bring out their unique gifts to the world and learn to follow the flow of the way the world works. Some days it is easier than others for our children and us. We get up and start again the next day with new tools in our toolbox and new methods that could work. We never give up. Our kids need us and we need them. We need their unique perspective on the world to remind us what we are no and are not. We are hopefully moving toward a world where we accept difference and teach others to do the same. Until next time.



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