Affection The Exceptional Way-How To Look For The Moments


Michael shows his love in different ways than other children. He loves to give me hugs like other children, but he also loves to hug me so he can smell my neck. The pleasure and the warmth are what he enjoys he tells me. He also has thing this lately with feeling bones. He has even given our cat a nickcname “bon bon,” not the candy, but a nickname for bones, as she has a bony neck according to him. I love these moments when he opens up to me about his feelings, sensory and all. It also helps us both through the challenging times we have with behaviors, behavioral and otherwise.

How can we find those moments of affection? Sometimes they are easy to spot. When they are not, it is important to bond with our child and do whatever they like to do. This could be a game, a walk, talking with them in whichever way they are comfortable talking, with words, on a tablet. If our child senses us there, day in day out, they will start to open up to us and our bod will grow. This means handling behavior problems and other health challenges when they are relatively small so that we can help them learn good behavior and coping mechanisms.

What are some ways your Exceptional Child opens up to you Exceptional Parents? I’m sure it is uniquely them as your behavior is uniquely you. Remember, however they express themselves, let them. It is their voice shining through. Be the window to let them show how they feel to the world, and when they stumble, guide them to better choices. You can do  it. Trust yourself. Until next time.

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