Transitions and Keeping Your Sense Of Humor the Exceptional Way

I have learned over the years to go with the flow when it comes to Michael. I especially have learned how difficult transitions are for him, particularly getting ready in the morning and at bedtime. Lately, I am seeing a resurgence in these problems. As Michael gets older, it is easier to talk to him about it. He will tell me he is afraid at bedtime or wants more time to do things in the morning. We are trying to work on ways to help him with this.

What are some tricks of the trade I have learned over the years to make transitions smoother? Here are some:

  1. Stay Calm No Matter What: Do not yell or get angry at child. This will only stall more. Take a deep breath and count to ten.
  2. Have A Visual Schedule or Timer on Hand: These are good to help child stay on track and you too.
  3. Keep your Sense of Humor: Kids will try anything. Just have a phrase or mantra in mind to remind them of where good listening will get them.
  4. Ask Them What They Need: Sometimes it is more time with you. Be there for them.


Exceptional Parents, what are some of your tricks of the trade to help your Exceptional children through transitions? Remember, patience, love and taking things one step at a time will get you all through it more smoothly. Until next time.

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