Autism Awareness Month- Loving And Accepting the Quirks and Difficulties of Exceptional Children

We are now into a new month. It is a Spring a month of rebirth, change and new things to come. It is also the month of Autism Awareness. Autism Awareness Day was Sunday  April 2nd, and for this whole month there will be people and organizations raising awareness about people who are different than neuro typical people, but have just as much to offer in terms of talent, humor, intelligence and otherwise. These exceptional individuals simply have a different way of seeing the world and their part in it. They have talent, humor, kindness and skills to offer. It is our job as the parents of the young ones and the family of older ones to remind them of their gifts, strengths, and teach t hem to improve upon their weaknesses. We must remember we all struggle with strengths and weaknesses. The important thing to do is to never stop believing in ourselves and in what we can do. We must, as parents, teach that to our children as well.

When I have tough times with behaviors, social skills challenges and sleep issues as of late with Michael, I see the challenges of his autism. Then I need to remind myself of the days he helped me find my car in the parking lot when I forgot where I parked. His sense of direction is impeccable. He will find things I lose in seconds as his sense of recall is amazing. Finally, his singing and recall of song lyrics is better than even mine is, as well as his remembering of what was promised to him, to friends and by us. He is also funny with his curious questions about the world. He is kind and loving, when he’ll utter, “You are the best mother ever,” and “Your neck is as relaxing as a spa.” Then there are his announcements as to how he will raise his children one day with food, disciple etc. It is adorable and I love his personality so much. Michael is not afraid to speak his mind .There are no censors so there is pure honesty. I think about his amazing brain and what a contribution he will make to the world one day as long as we as his parents hone it now.

Exceptional Parents, how are you celebrating Autism Acceptance Month? I know it’s not always easy to handle the ups and downs of living with someone who has autism, but think of their challenges with us and their world. It’s not always easy for them too. That is why teaching them to accept their own strengths and weaknesses and love themselves completely, is the first step towards teaching the world to see our children as the unique human beings they are. Until next time.


Are you looking for guidance in your journey parenting your Exceptional Child? Are you looking for self-care strategies to strengthen yourself to live a more balanced life? I am a writer, speaker and parent coach. Most importantly, I am a parent to an exceptional child with autism, who has taught me more about being true to myself than anyone else. If you are in search for meaning as parent, person and want to learn to see your child’s true potential, please contact me at or by email at I offer a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULATION SESSION, as well as 6 month coaching programs and individual coaching sessions.  To view my coaching programs, please also see my website:



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