How to Handle Spring Fever with Your Exceptional Chid


All kids handle Spring differently, and the weather changes differently. Yes, the weather affects out kids. I see it with Michael every year in March, even this year that it has been colder and we still have snow on the ground. I notice more silliness, tiredness, hyper spurts of energy in addition to what already causes him to have that. Finding a way to handle all that bottled energy is the challenge. Here are some things we have done in the past that have worked:


  • Set up a sensory corner in home: A mini trampoline, a swing, and a tunnel are great ways for kids to burn off that excess energy when they cannot go outside to play due to time or weather.
  • Have a big blanket ready for bundling, fort building: Having a blanket ready for the child to bundle themselves up and squeeze or use in a fort is also a good way for them to release physical and mental energy.
  • Have a few balls where kids can play and release energy: If you have a basement or big play area that is safe to bounce balls, you can have child ply there.
  • Talk to them about their feelings and come up with a plan: Talk to them about ideas of where they could play and how. If weather is nice, go to a park and let them try equipment as well as walking around and exploring.
  • Be prepared for mood swings: Aren’t we always? But in this case it is very important for a parent to prepare themselves for their kids being all over the place with mood, emotion, and activity level due to the weather.


Exceptional Parents, do you notice mood swings in your children at this time of year? With kids who have other issues it may mask itself in silliness, slowing down, or doing other types of behaviors. Be patient. Make sure they sleep as much as possible and have a plan and several backups to get it right. You will, as remember, you know your child best. Until next time.

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