Day: March 23, 2017

Finding the Balance of Meeting Your Own Needs and Your Exceptional Child’s

This is  a toughie. We all know as parents how important it is to take care of our children. In their childhood is when their perceptions of life, health and learning are found. They learn about their worth through us, their parents. So what we do and not do has a big impact. But what about us as parents? What if we can’t take care of our children? What if we are sick, physically or psyschologically? What if we need lots of time to heal. Well, the next thing we need to do is take care of ourselves so that we can be strong for our children. And if we have problems being strong for them, we find people who can be in our absence so they have a good example and we can heal.

Parents need to give themselves the right to heal or to have down time. It’s what makes things work well with their child. Over the years I’ve had my ups and downs as a parent and individual. Lately, what has been working for Michael and I is though is that I have been being clear when I need to work, when I am taking some me time, and when I am with him. He doesn’t always understand that I work at doing different things. He will say it is his time now and no one else’s. I don’t need to work. And then I do feel guillty as I mostly work from home so I am hone but not home. My home office works most of the time, but sometimes there are even issues with this when he is home. I have learned though to block off appropriate time with Michael, for work, and for me for down time, though that is in short supply these days. My key goal for April is to replenish my energy a little more. How do I do it? We plan out a schedule on paper and talk about this in advance if there are no or very little misunderstandings.

Exceptional parents, how do you balance meeting your own needs and your child’s? This is such a delicate thing, but so important . Our kids need us to be strong for them , for us , and for the family. We need to be honest with how we are affected by our emotions, take our kids to be responsible for theirs, and move forward together in confidence. Until next time.