How To Change Negative Forecasting With Positive Thoughts-Challenges for Exceptional Parents

Ah yes. When our child is feeling negative and worried, they tend to have negative thoughts about the present and the future. These thoughts would be along the lines of things not working out, such as things at school, with friends, with family etc. I have these kinds of situations with Michael, especially during times of transition like Spring Break to home and back again, or else summer vacation and back again etc. It is hard to keep my own attitude positive sometimes when Michael is so worried about things and will stress, worry and whine. But, I am beginning to see how important it is to do this. You see, when a parent is able to “turn it around” and be positive in spite of a negative day, hour or week, it will make all the difference in what you are trying to teach your child to do, which is be positive, overcome obstacles, and make the best of a situation.

Michael and I have had a tough week so far. With the hour change, I expected as much. I knew he would have a hard time as well as me. But, what I did not consider was how hard it would be for both of us to control our emotions. There were times in the last two days that I was as frustrated as Michael which made the stressful moments worse. So, what did I learn? I learned to try and take some time to step away from the stress and de-stress while modeling positive relaxation techniques to Michael. I also learned to admit when I was feeling tired, fed up, and needed down time so I would set a good example for my child. Finally, I learned that automatically assuming things would not work out for the day, evening or day and evening is not a good strategy for either parent or child. As the adult, we need to show the child to believe in themselves and how they could turn around their bad behavior so that things could start going well.

Exceptional Parents, how many times have you had moments when you  said to yourself, my child is not doing well today and it is a write off? How many times have you gotten angry because of this and told your child negative things? We all have bad moments. Don’t ever write anyone of, yourself or your child. Learn from your mistakes, and have the courage to move forward. Until next time.

I am a writer, speaker and parent coach whose son with autism is opening my eyes up to living life in a whole and balanced way. I am passionate about helping other parents of exceptional children thrive as individuals and in their relationships with their children. For more information on my coaching packages, or for a free 30 min consultation session, contact me at





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