How Understanding Consequences Helps Kids With Exceptional Needs Navigate Life

What do a lot of kids with behavior issues or trouble understanding struggle with? Anxiety. All of us do to a certain extent, but kids with exceptional needs more so as they do not always understand why things are happening and what the purpose is. Understanding consequences for actions is also a tricky area for them to navigate. That is why only when they get the WHY is the HOW easier and life is better for all around them. Michael and I had a wonderful day yesterday for this very reason. He was understanding how the good listening, cooperating and loving behavior would get him a good reward by the end of the day, his audio visual time and how having many days like this will not only help our family get along better but help him work towards an even bigger reward, time with a refurbished IPAD we were given. Now this sounds like bribery, and it is to some extent. But Dad and I are working to slowly teach him that listening results in good things. It’s kind of like the old have a piece of fruit and get a cookie. Eventually the cookie has to be phased out. The parents decide when the time is right.

I have been noticing how Michael has been listening better and his anxiety has gone down. It is making a difference. Now, we are working on moving towards teaching Michael that there are always consequences for actions, good and bad. We are encouraging him to make the good choices for good consequences, and as tiring as it is sometimes, if he has made bad choices which led to bad consequences we talk about the why’s and how he could do better next time. I can see the progress he is making. It is also an important reminder to his Dad and I about how to conduct ourselves, be responsible for our actions, and teach Michael to do the same.

Exceptional Parents, how do you help your Exceptional Child understand positive behavior and how they could manage their anxiety and stress? We all have our tricks and we all know our children best. The most important thing is to be patient with our children, try to see the world from their eyes, and make things in their world as clear as possible so that they can move forward with confidence. Until next time.

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