Exceptional Growth and Maturity-Mine

adorable, baby, bear

With Michael away the last two days I have had some time to myself when not working to think about where my life is going and how far I’ve come juggling exceptional parenthood with the rest of my life. It has not always been easy, but I have learned that I not only can do it, but I can help other parents do it too. How? Well, it’s pretty much by showing that sometimes it is ok to have a bad day or week. Sometimes it’s ok to struggle with decisions on what to do for your child. Sometimes it’s also ok to admit that you are happy when you get a parenting breather and they are away at camp. The first time I felt this, I had some guilt. Am I a terrible parent that I don’t miss my child to bits when he goes away for 2 days? Then I began to realize no. He is getting older and more independent. When he goes with his school I know I can trust he is in amazing hands, so I have no worries.

He also has different issues now and it can be difficult to help him manage his stress and anxiety, field lots of questions daily, so getting a mental and physical break from parenting for a few days is nice. Of course, I think if he went for more than a week I would feel differently. Still, I would remember that as he matures, I mature. We both need our space to grow and will come back to each other stronger in the process.

Exceptional Parents, how has your child helped you to mature and find your way? How easy or difficult is it to separate from them when they are away from you? Remember, let yourself feel all the feelings and emotions taht come up. It does not mean you do not love your child. You want them to grow, mature and find their way in the world. If your relationship is strong, they will always find their way back to you. Until next time.

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