Day: February 21, 2017

Tokens and Audio Visual Rewards- Positive Praise Goes A Long Way

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Michael is getting better at handling stress and anxiety. And though he does not always listen for the sake of listening, having a token system with audio visual being at the tail end is really working for us as a family. There are good days and bad, but I can honestly say that if you reinforce your child when they are behaving positively, it will help teach them what they are capable of doing and how good leads to good. It takes some kids longer to learn this than others, but most will learn if there is a consistent system in place.

For us, we have Michael earn 6 tokens for his best reward ever, 1 hour of time mapping out various parts of the city or watching music videos that have been approved by us. For 5 tokens he gets 30 minutes. For less than that, we have other rewards set out. The important thing is that he sees when he is listening we are happy and there to support him.

Exceptional Parents, how do you reward your Exceptional Child when they are listening? Do you catch them being good? If so, that is wonderful. If you forget, don’t despair. All parents and professionals make this mistake from time to time. We get busy, and forget to see the good in people as well as in ourselves. Remember to catch your child being good and make a big deal out of it in the beginning. As their confidence grows, so will they listen more and everything will fall more smoothly into place. Until next time.

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