Exceptional Vision Boards For Exceptional Moms and Their Children

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So another January has come and it was time for me to produce my Vision Board for 2017. I did my first ever Vision Board in 2015, after reading up on them and the way they helped people manifest exciting things in their life. I found out about Vision Boards after consulting with a life coach at the time who helped me see what direction  I needed to take in my life. I went online and that is where I learned about making vision boards. The last two years have been an adventure. I always set out with the things I want to find and usually do end up finding, but always end up with a surprise or two in what actually ends up on the board. I do my board two-sided, one side for what I want to manifest in my personal life, and one side for what I want to manifest in my work life. This year the two look the same. This makes me happy, as it means my work and home life are merging as I wanted it to for so long. Michael is the most important thing in my life. As his Mom, I want to be available to guide and help him, and in order for me to be at my best, I need a career where I have flexibility, joy, and the ability to work around his schedule. I have found it in writing and coaching parents. I have wanted to work at my own business for a long time, but didn’t trust myself or the process to get there. Michael has changed all that for the better, and made me see where I belong in work, as he made me see where I belong in life.

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In doing my Vision Board the last two years, it has also helped me reconnect to the woman I was prior to being an Exceptional Mom to the Exceptional Mom I am now. I have learned to let go, trust my instincts, and enjoy the process of building the board. It takes about two hours, two uninterrupted hours that you need to devote to figure out what you need to get more of in your life and work towards. Only when you have a visual and a plan, will it start coming together. Each year when I do it, I find myself applying the things I do when I help Michael navigate through life and learn to advocate for himself: breathe, stay calm, trust yourself, and know that someone always has your back. There is something so powerful in  that. Also you need to trust in the process. It will guide you. It is fluid. As thing evolve, we can put them into the Vision Board. It is similar that when things evolve with our Exceptional Child, we adapt the IEP and other therapies to their improvement. When we do that, we see other amazing things happening. For example,  Michael saw me and his Dad doing a Vision Board each this weekend and he decided to create his own! I was so proud of him. He is reaching out to the Universe too to see exactly where he belongs.

Exceptional Parents, how are you manifesting good things in your life and your Exceptional Child’s life? How are you learning to trust your instincts when it comes to what is right for you and your family? A visual guide like a Vision Board can really help you move forward with your dreams and life plan. And remember, your child  is watching everything you are doing. Teach him or her to manifest their own greatness. Until next time.

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