OCD, Ritualistic Behavior And Michael Transitioning to A New Season-Winter

So the last two days have been hard. There are no ifs, ands and buts. Michael is tired, stressed, and due to the cold and rain he has not been able to get outside at recess and out to the park with me. Even when he did, he talked in the gloomy rain with me after one half-hearted run for Dooki his imaiginary friend who he was running for. The Stimming Lady asked him to do it. When he starts talking about her, imaginary friends become more rampant and I see him repeating his words while reading, becoming very particular with door closing/opening and other general ritualistic behavior, I know he is stressed. The problem is those hormones are kicking in and when I ask if he had a bad day at school or he is stressed he will yell,

“No, Mommy! I am yelling because you are saying things I don’t like.” He will also hit me, himself, try and damage property and then it is sad. He breaks down and cries. I have been so exhausted this week with work and not sleeping much, it wore me out too to hear him. And he doesn’t just cry. It’s loud gulping sobs which he then pushes out with great gusto. I don’t think it is a behavior, but it is exhausting to listen to and watch. He sometimes wants me physically close when he does this. Other times he likes to be alone. I am nearby, but I want him to try and figure out how to let out his emotions, and then come to me to calmly talk. This is the difficult part for him. We are working on that together.

Exceptional Parents, how do your Exceptional Children react with rain and being indoors? Are their emotions harder for them to deal with? Are there more challenging behaviors at home? The important thing is to, as usual, be a little bit of a detective and see what is happening around them that could be contributing to this behavior. It is not an excuse for it. But always remind your child that you are there to talk when they are ready. Until next time.



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