Finding The Moments To Open Up With Your Exceptional Child

I have been a little worried lately about Michael. He has started censoring the information he tells me, and what he reveals in general. I realize this is part of growing up, and have talked about it in other blogs, but what concerned me is that he is a very anxious kid. He holds a lot inside of himself, and I didn’t want all that stress causing him pain. I realized the things that worked before to help him open up and talk to me, eating snack with me, cuddling, would no longer work now. So, where did that leave us? I knew that in time, he would feel calm and relaxed he would be able to talk to me again. I decided to just leave myself open whenever he decided he was ready to talk. Most parents do this, even when we are not aware. Kids will sense it and open up when they are ready.

Still, I was pleasantly surprised when Michael did start talking to me after playing some soccer in the park the other day. We had finished playing a hour hour little game, and were having a water break. Michael turned to me and started telling me things about his friends at school, different things that had happened, and feelings of worry or stress. And that’s when I remembered the wonders of exercise. They help release tension, anxiety, and open up the mind and body. It was such a beautiful surprise to get some details from Michael about his feelings and what is happening in his life. I also gave Michael my time. Usually on the weekends he is with his Dad which is great. He needs that time with him, and sees me the rest of the week for park outings and such. But the quality of time is not the same. There is the rush to get home, dinner, clean up, and bed. Weekends are generally more relaxed, and he needed that down time with me to feel calm enough to open up. I also needed that exercise and head space to be able to be more present for him.

Exceptional Parents, when do you feel your Exceptional Children are more comfortable opening up to you? This could be showing affection, cuddling, or talking. You really sense that they  are there with you in the moment. I’ll bet it is usually after playing and some form of exercise. Don’t be afraid to engage and move with them. Connections are made that way, and that’s what will open up the lines of communication again. Until next time.

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