Halloween Transitions -Growing Up The Exceptional Way


Halloween preparation this year has been fun as always, but in a different way than usual. Yes, we had the decorating time, we bought his costume a while back and Michael has been talking excitedly about going out trick or treating later tonight, but in other years, he was always nervous and excited about Halloween. This year he is just excited, and has a more grown up attitude about Halloween. Let’s face it, he’s almost a preteen, so he is growing up. He expressed with interest going to see a friend’s Halloween set up which was really scary. He and his family go all out. Last year I had been afraid to take him to visit the decorations as he would scare easily. This year Michael’s complaint was that the decorations were too babyish and he was wanted more scary stuff. He even expressed interest to go to a famous amusement park in our neck of the woods that does scary Halloween stuff really well. Dad and I were shocked, but due to his packed extra curricular schedule, we did not go. Maybe next year.

Still, as his Mom, I have to say that this whole new way of celebrating Halloween and its scary side is a novelty for me as Michael’s Mom. I am seeing in this, as well as in other things, how fast he is growing up and wanting to be a little adult. Then, it’s confusing for both of us, as he will go through a testing stage that is more suited to a younger age group, as he didn’t do that milestone at four or five years old. I am also seeing more insistence on social boundaries with me; what he will tell me, who he wants and does not want to play or be friends with, and what activities, foods he does or does not like. Some of it is legitimate and accurate, other things are always him seeing how far he can go with us. I think he is seeing where he starts and we end. All of this is normal, and as proud as I am of this milestone, there are times I want to pull my hair out as there is so much guesswork with an Exceptional Child and where their brain is at.

I am happy we will be trick or treating with a very good friend tomorrow night, and Michael is very excited with his school Halloween party and haunted house tomorrow. He has already informed me in advance he will be up early due to excitement. His hyper awareness is a gift and a curse at the same time, as it makes him take so much to heart. I feel bad for him, but am proud too to see the strides he is making in the world in understanding himself in relation to others.

Exceptional Parents, how do you celebrate Halloween with your Exceptional Child/dren? What is their awareness and/or fears of the holiday? Hopefully as they get older they can participate and have a few friends they enjoy going trick or treating with. They will have traditions they enjoy participating in with you, and they will finally see where Mom and Dad end and they begin, but also that they will be forever connected to their parents and that Exceptional Parents are always there for their Exceptional Children no matter what. Until next time.

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