“The Connected Heart Journal”: Another Exceptional Tool For Parent/Child Bonding




As Michael gets older, I get braver in thinking of things I would like to try out with him. We have had a few moments where we wrote some silly stories, and as most of you know, Michael has quite the imagination to write. I could see him doing fiction one day, but I digress. ūüôā ¬†Lately though, we have been having some communication stress and strains what with budding tween hood coming our way. ūüôā Things have started improving in our bonding. How have I reached him? It’s been in listening to him and in telling him stories from my youth.¬†Storytelling and sharing feelings about our lives is something that never goes out of style,¬†including in these high tech times.

Lately, as I have also shared, I have had the fortune to have the right material come into my hand to guide Michael, me as well as help all¬†the parents all around me to trust their gut and become the parent they want to be for their child. As I learn new things, I share them. This type of “pay it forward” thinking has been passed down to me by the woman in my clan, you could say, blood and non-blood all my life. ¬†So, what has tweaked my interest now, is a wonderful diary made especially for parents of elementary-aged kids. It is called “The Connected Heart Journal” and its creator is one Sumitha Bhandarkhar. ¬†What is great about this journal, is that as Sumitha says;

“On the surface: A beautiful, one-of-a-kind, keepsake journal for kids. Under the hood: A smart and powerful parenting tool.”

What this means is that the questions, exercises, and topics are done in a way to facilitate parent/child interaction at all levels. You don’t need oodles of time a day to do this. As parents know, especially those of us with Exceptional Children, there are so many things to do in a day; therapy, homework, extra curricular activities. There are no dates in the book so you and your child can fill it in at your leisure.¬†The diary¬†uses fantasy and magic to capture the child’s interest, and gives parents questions and ideas to guide them in their discussions with their kids. It is meant to be done jointly and separately. The link for further details and a wonderful video with more information can be ¬†found here: http://kck.st/2esdcNU.


Yes, some children will have an easier time with the concepts than others, but we all know our kids better than anyone. You can easily tailor the message with your own positive comments towards your child. If they cannot write in the journal, parents can write in it for them or they can draw pictures. The important thing that keeping a diary together can do is teach the child about love, gratitude, and reaching out to children while they are young. This way when they are older, that bond has been cemented and they know where to turn. Michael knows who is at the top of TEAM MICHAEL after himself. It is his father and I.

Exceptional Parents, are you on the lookout for new tools to help your child manage communicating and sharing in a more effective way? Are you looking to teach empathy, kindness and how to trust? A diary is a great way to start and a great routine to get into with your child at the beginning or end of the day. Whatever you choose to do with your Exceptional Child, know that the time you spend with them is precious and irreplaceable. Make sure you teach them that time with loved ones is something we must always build into a busy day to create close and lasting relationships for life. Until next time.

Disclosure: This is not a paid endorsement, but my company logo will appear on the product’s site as a supporter of this product. The opinions mentioned here are strictly my¬†own.

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