How Music Helps Exceptional Kids Open Up About Emotion

So Michael has started opening up again to me. He has started talking about his day, his friends, his excitement about life, and I think music is a huge part of this. He listens to music after school most nights, and sometimes watches some videos after dinner. Well, song lyrics unless we’ve screened the videos. I’ve learned the hard way that some can be pretty racy and entice other questions I don’t want to be answering yet. ūüôā ¬†I have gone back to calling ¬†him my DJ, as he will hear a song from the radio and know the artist and title. This is something I used to do at his age. Music is what kept me sane. It still is what keeps me sane,¬†and I think it does the same thing for Michael. Gradually he has started telling me more about his day, as he did over a month or more ago. As a matter of fact, tonight he was so interactive, had so much to say about what he liked/didn’t like, that it almost knocked me over in a good way, though I was a little on the tired side. By the end of the evening I was exhausted, but happy my little guy was coming back to himself and me.

To watch your child struggle with his emotions and his frustration level even with words, finally be able to articulate for better or worse his feelings, is something wonderful to see. I was happy to have to navigate this arena again, and not wonder is my child depressed? Is my child unhappy at school? Yes, he is still figuring things out. And thankfully he is getting great help from his school psychologist and support at home.  But music, movement, and understanding what his body needs in order to be able to process emotions, is helping. I have always encouraged him to share his feelings at home and at school. I am glad he is finding an outlet through listening to music, dancing at school in a wonderful dance class, and getting  in touch with his body and mind and where he goes from there.

Exceptional Parents, what role does music play with your Exceptional Children? Do they love to listen to top 40 or other types of music? Do they love dancing? Does it help them communicate in an easier way? Encourage whatever makes it easier for your child to communicate frustration and pent up emotions.You will not regret the strides they will make with you or in their own personal lives. Until next time.

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