Being Thankful in Difficult Times

Being thankful for blessings among difficult times is an art. It’s something that Michael has helped me perfect over the years as I have him. We are both struggling right now to understand each other, but we are also taking time to communicate better. Sometimes it works out, other times not so much. Still, the fact that we are trying is making the difference and that is helping.

On Thanksgiving, I have taught Michael that we must count our blessings, be grateful for health, family and love, and when we have struggles, that we tackle it calmly together one step at a time. Yesterday morning we had a nice long talk about religion, feelings, and the morning went well after that. The afternoon had its challenges, but now I see that at least he and I were calmer so the afternoon went better than it would have in the past.

Today we will be doing a nice quiet Thanksgiving lunch. The menu will be a little different due to a mistake on my part, but no matter. The important thing is that we are together, we are healthy and we have love. That is the true art of Thanksgiving and practicing being grateful and mindful and living in the moment with your blessings.

Exceptional Parents, what do you have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and every day? What blessings have you counted or forgotten to count during difficult times with your child? If you have forgotten to practice gratitude, there is always today to start over. Teach your child to do the same. A thankful heart is a heart that can forgive and move through difficulty more easily. Until next time.

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