How Clearing and Sorting Builds A Positive Mindset To Help Your Child

The other day I decided among the craziness that is my life and Michael’s, to pick a day to clear and sort through which toys Michael is no longer playing with and give them away. Michael himself had reminded me many times since September by saying his toys were for babies and repeating that he only wanted to keep a few things. At first I thought he was joking, but then I looked into his eyes and saw how serious he was. And I thought to myself, what am I waiting for? That magical day of not having enough time will never come, so decide and do it. Michael said he wanted to help. I was impressed. This was the beginning of finally starting the clearing and sorting of clutter that I would eventually have to continue to tackle in my own house.

We’d had a rough weekend, and this gave us something positive to do together, clear and sort. And that we did! Wow! It was both liberating and sad for me. My child is truly not a baby, just by the choices he made. I have to still decide where all these toys will be finding homes, and that is one of my tasks for this week. But I think it helped both of us. There is so much change happening now, and that is part of why I think I tend to neglect de-cluttering. It can be a scary thing, letting go of the old and embracing the new which is uncertain.  The new me, though sometimes still a little scared, now says what next with excitement in her voice. I remind myself that change is inevitable, good and bad, and we must embrace both in order to move on.

Michael’s words to me afterward we cleaned the toys up in his room and the basement,

“Mommy, I like how clean everything is.”

There was peace in his voice, a calm I hadn’t heard in awhile.

“Me too honey. Now it will be your job to keep it clean.”

I am going to slowly tackle my clutter in the rest, little by little. I know most of us have clutter, things we are holding on to, or things we cannot get to, due to work, family, and handling other medical issues in our exceptional families. But it is important to tackle it. It is as important to slowly de-clutter, and sort out your outer stuff as it is your inner stuff. It will make room for the good things that can come in your life, and give you energy to tackle the bad or rough times you have with your child. It can be a sort of therapy or bonding with your child showing them life skills like cleaning, and reminding you in light of all the therapies, health issues and whatever else you and  your child experience, that life does go on.

Exceptional Parents, during this fall season do you ever use this time to sort and clear out your stuff, physical and emotional? Fall is not only the back to school time, but as the weather gets cooler, it sends us inside the house to organize and tidy for the cold winter months. If your space is organized and clean, it can help your mindset with your child stay that way. Then, you can tackle all the other issues that creep up with confidence as a parent. Until next time.

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