How My Exceptional Child Is Helping Me Learn To De-Clutter My Life

How many times have I said to myself I need to organize things in my house? I think all of us, unless we are blessed to be born minimalists, have had this same conversation. Then comes children and all the toys and things that they bring with them. Ironically though, it has been since I became a Mom that I have really become aware that I need to de-clutter. And it has been Michael, of course, who has taught this to me. The first few years of motherhood were so fraught getting used to being a Mom, then helping Michael with therapy that I did not stop to see all the junk that was building up in my house. Michael has helped me see, and occasionally even helped me to figure out what needs to stay and what needs to go. For instance we were having a conversation last week about which toys he wanted to keep.

“I’ll show you which toys you can give away Mommy. They are baby toys. I don’t play with them anymore an you can give them to my old preschool or to a children’s charity.”

I am very proud that he is picking up on these good habits and wants to de clutter his playroom and room. I have get rid of so many things that I no longer need, clothes, papers, books that I have read. It’s just a little intimidating to know where to start, but Michael is helping me prioritize things as usual. I will be looking through my clothes and sorting them by season, but what I have really found needs to be organized is his playroom. He has not interest in spending time there in part I’m sure, in that it is a mess. Most of our kids thrive in orderly, non cluttered surroundings. It’s important as parents we set aside some time to clear those areas. How can we go about doing this?  It’s important we learn to be honest with ourselves about what needs to stay and what needs to go. What do our children really play with? What have they lost interest with?

On another level, Michael is also helping me see which people and experiences I still need to keep in my life. We grow apart from some people as we age and outgrow some things. It is an important part of growing up and into our true selves that we learn when we need to let go of the past so our present can get better and our future can bloom. The fall has always been a time of cleansing for me. Usually, prior to working, by now I would have ordered a lot of the mess in the house. I may be a little behind schedule, but this year I am less panicked about it. Michael has reminded me that sometimes waiting is better so we have an idea of what needs to be organized where. We also can take better stock when we have time to think, unplug and relax as I did the last two weekends, or at least as far as unplugging from cleaning. 🙂

Exceptional Parents, how has your Exceptional Child taught you order and clearing out the mess, physical and emotional clutter in your life? I’m sure if you look close enough, you will see their wise influence. Kids sense when we are off, when we need to make changes in our physical and emotional environments. Listen to their words. Watch their moods and see for yourself, if emotional and physical clearing out doesn’t feel just a little bit better. Until next time.


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