How This Exceptional Mom Embraces Failure Now And How It Helps Her To Grow

Dad and I made some communication mistakes over the weekend. Nothing dire happened. There were some misunderstandings with Michael, and some little fights but nothing serious. I actually felt sorry for Michael, though like any kid, he played us a little and tried negotiating more “stuff” for himself. What it brought home to me last night while Dad and I talked, was how important it is for both parents to be on the same page no matter what. That also means parents have to make the time to communicate about their child in a busy household. This is not always easy when there are other stresses and commitments, but somehow it must be done.

I found myself on another long walk with Michael yesterday late afternoon. Unlike a previous one where a slew of behaviors came out on his end, yesterday he was an angel. I found myself getting angry, dumping my emotions on my child (something I’m not proud that I regressed briefly to doing), and seeing how I could use this moment to keep beating myself up as a mother and parent or learn from it. I embraced my failure on that walk yesterday, and asked myself, what was it teaching me? I learned that I needed to get back to communicating more clearly with my partner about childcare and what our roles would be. I needed to be able to make that clear to Michael. Finally, I realized I needed to practice better self-care for me by reminding myself what I needed to stay strong. That is how things would move much more smoothly.

We may think we exist in a vacuum or our feelings do, but that is not true. We all are entitled to our feelings, however they affect those around us. That is why talking, planning and being clear to everyone in your family is so important for happiness and stability of all its members. And if it doesn’t happen, embrace the failure and learn from it. Admit it to your child and partner, and you will all grow stronger for it. Trust me on this. Our family has.

Exceptional Parents, how do you react to mistakes and failures? How do your children handle theirs? It is so important to teach everyone in your household that we all do things wrong from time to time. As long as we learn from it and make sure those around us do the same, we will be moving on to a happier and healthier path in the future. Until next time .


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