Day: August 24, 2016

Surviving the Last Days of Vacation the Exceptional Way

We are in crunch time, the last few days before school starts and I’m, well, exhausted to put it mildly. I am both happy that Michael is home with his Dad and I, as he was done with camp three weeks ago proclaiming it fun, but wanting to make his own downtime, and also counting down to, as I joke about it, my first day of vacation on Monday, August 29th. After bringing in the school supplies, I have my yearly tradition of buying myself a fancy coffee at my favorite local coffee place, then heading home and savoring that before diving into my day. It is a pensive and exciting time of the year all at once where I look forward to the new, what will Michael learn and grow with this year, and the old, what new behaviors will we all be dealing with as Michael grapples with change, challenges and transitions?

What I am excited about is the play dates we have had the opportunity to have this summer. It’s only been with two friends as everyone is so busy either on vacation or with other activities. All the same, it’s with good friends of Michael’s and he and I both appreciate seeing our friends and coming up for air in the last home stretch before school starts. It’s the simple things in life that make us happy. Meeting at a park, having a cup of coffee, going to a pool or splash pad. Having a conversation with a friend who knows you, who you don’t need to explain yourself, your family or your kid to. That is something powerful and something I never take for granted.


I have also been fortunate to have had a lot of downtime with Michael at the pool, playing tennis and yesterday doing a long and fun bike ride. We have talked, bonded and it has given me a chance to have quality Michael/Mom time that I can treasure once he is back in school and our time together in the day is shorter.

Exceptional Parents, what are your plans in the home stretch before school starts with your Exceptional Child? How are you spending time with them and keeping them busy? Has your experience been an overall positive or negative one with them? Hopefully, there has been more positive than negative moments. Our kids are really incredible little human beings and each of them will do great things. It is important as their parents that we nurture their gifts, help work on their weaknesses, and love all of them, as they do us. That is the best way to survive in the final crunch. Until next time.