Rain, Rain Go Away- 8 Ways Our Exceptional Family Survives The Wet Stuff



So rainy days used to be brutal for me and Michael. I’m not someone who is overly fond of rain, and Michael would become really restless. He was always an active little boy and did not do well with quiet indoor activities. Has it gotten easier as he has gotten older? The answer is yes and no. He will now listen to music or go more on the computer when it is raining, but usually Dad and I still end up taking him somewhere by car. He is beginning to understand that if it is really raining hard as it was a week ago, we need to stay home. In those cases, what do I do to keep Michael busy? Here are some things I’ve tried (or Michael has gravitated to) and that worked:

  1. Listening to CD’s or watching a movie with popcorn: We try and make it a fun family (or a fun Mom/son Dad/son whoever is with Michael) event so that it does not seem we are doing this because of the rain. Yes, it has meant watching the Minions movie or Peanuts for the zillionth time, but if it works, we do it. 🙂
  2. Baking: This works better in the fall or winter, but sometimes doing something concrete and creative with a delicious result, will distract your youngsters from boredom.
  3. Painting or arts and crafts: This got easier as Michael got older and now he will often go and do crafts on his own. If not, I will try and bring out some craft ideas to do with him.
  4. Go for short outing to shopping mall or library: If there isn’t a huge hailstorm, Dad or I will often take Michael for a walk to his favorite shopping mall or the library for books.
  5. Indoor swing, trampoline or tent: I strongly encourage Michael to use his indoor equipment. We are trying to get him interested in building a tent as camping is something we want to try in the future.
  6. Playing Hide and seek, I spy with my little eye, Hot Dog, or Tickle Monster: This gets easier as he gets older. He loves hide n seek especially in the house. We also have two great sensory games we play: “Hot Dog Michael” where he, the hot dog, is squished between two buns and condiments are put on him (pretend) just before we reach down to “eat” him (kissing or tickling) etc. This is great if the child needs calming as it restores some sensory input. Tickle Monster does the same. 🙂
  7. Board games for age level: This can be fun if they are character games and child is older. For example, we have Minion Trouble that Michael loves and when he was younger a themed Shoots and Ladders.
  8. Smaller fun centers: This is our last resort as fun centers are usually packed solid on rainy days. However, this can be the short visit out of the house that you both need before retreating to a quiet comfort of your home.


Exceptional Parents, what activities do you use to keep your little exceptional ones busy on rainy days? Are they calmer or more hyper due to the rain or do you not notice a difference? Every child, like every adult is different. I would love to hear how you handle the rainy days with your children. It means transitioning to a different way of doing things often. Whatever games you choose, make sure as always that it fits your child and family’s personality. Good luck and have fun on your next rainy day together! Until next time.


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