Expressing Love the Exceptional Way

Michael has grown leaps and bounds in many ways over the years, but I have to say that the last year has been phenomenal. He has matured, learned tools to handle his anxiety and challenging moments, for the most part, and with reminders he is starting to see that people around him have feelings and emotions too. Particularly he has been expressing love to his Dad and I in really cute ways. He will give big high fives, screams of joy and hugs when we make his favorite meal, buy him a little toy or once a  Star War  drinking cup, 😉 and then lately during the last two days, he has been simply spontaneously expressing his love by saying, “I love you Mommy.” He used to do this only after thanking me for something particular, but now it just seems to be happiness emanating from him.

This is a joy as his Mom to see. We are working on teaching him how to talk to friends, strangers and basic social skills which are challenging for kids with different brains like Michael. We have made some progress, but I know there is still work to do. However, the fact that he is recognizing emotions for their own sake is huge for me. I am so happy to see him blooming in this way. He has even told me how when he’s happy he can talk more about why he feels something, or when he is sad, he will say that he doesn’t know why, but wants to find out. Could I help him with tools?

Exceptional Parents, how do your Exceptional Children show emotion? The most important thing to do is model positive emotions for them and model love. They all have their own learning curve and will catch on in time to copy you. Like I’ve said before, our children mirror us. Be the positive mirror to show them good ways to love and appreciate those around them. Until next time.

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