Therapeutic and Fun Benefits of Art for Exceptional Children


The other day Michael had a new sitter come and play with him while Dad and I went out for a long awaited date. It went phenomenally, and in addition to him liking her, he also got to explore another medium once again, art. This sitter is an art teacher, and asked due to the rainy weather, if she could bring over some art supplies and they could paint, draw, create if the mood struck. I almost told her no, but something told me to say yes. It did indeed rain the other day, so Michael had to stay in the house with her. They couldn’t do the parks and splash pad visit up the street that he had been anticipating.  But the other reason I said yes, was due to the fact that a few summers ago, Michael created some beautiful paintings at home in our backyard. I also saw what he created at school this year, and I was amazed. I asked the sitter if she wouldn’t mind bringing art supplies. He may not be interested, but you could try, I said. I have to say I was utterly amazed with the beautiful art he created as you look at the following. He used shaving cream and various other paints and effects to create what you see. It is creative, and was therapeutic for him to make at the same time.

The most telling thing for me though, was his happy smiling face when we came home and the excitement he had in showing us his creations. Other than one small incident one time with a sitter (whom he has since asked for me to call), he does amazing with everybody. Yet there was something unique about this art experience. He was very excited to show us his work and talk about this sitter. I was so happy that she reached him in another way, and that they connected so well. I was glad Michael has found another outlet to let loose and explore too. Music, drawing, and painting are good for exceptional children to have different experiences about themselves and their roles in this world.

Exceptional Parents, do your children enjoy art in the form of painting, drawing, sketching? It’s such a great medium to help them explore their creativity, as well as a great way to express themselves sensory wise. Start by giving them access to painting supplies, paper, easel (children’s ones are cheaper), and like me, keep it outside or in a room that you don’t mind may get dirty like a corner of the basement or even outside in the backyard as I did one year. 🙂  It’s important for children to explore different ways of expression. This will help them regulate, find other potential talents, and just enjoy the process of creating something uniquely theirs. They will see how beautiful their creations are, just like they are. Until next time.


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