Day: July 25, 2016

4 Ways My Exceptional Son Showed Me What I Needed This Weekend


So it was a crazier than ever weekend. I know, I say this EVERY weekend. But this weekend, in addition to the usual housework and writing work for me, I also scheduled in some Mommy time with  friends for a Hamamm experience on Friday night at a local spa in my area, and finally secured a sitter so Dad and I could celebrate our wedding anniversary together on Saturday afternoon. We were also trying out a new sitter for Michael, and I went to speak at a parents support group Sunday morning. All of these things worked out beautifully, and by Sunday afternoon as I sat down to do my writing work, I was feeling happy and balanced. I realized why. It was due to Michael reminding me what is really important, and for me it was the following: Exercise and time to be just be in the moment.


In our case it was done through playing tennis in the park on Saturday morning before a torrential rain storm, and two beautiful walks we took this weekend. For you and your child, it may look different. How do you know what you need, and how do you know when your child is telling you to do what you have not recognized is important for you? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to determine what your body needs:

  1. What do you or what does your body miss? Simple, eh? Do you miss exercise, movement, peace, nature? Chances are your child is on your wavelength, and will pick up and suggest this. I was so tired this weekend, but what’s the solution to pick up energy? Exercise right! Playing tennis in the park and doing a nature walk with Michael was just the remedy I needed to keep myself energized.
  2. Alone time in nature: Seeing Michael go off to stim a little more than normal, (his alone time),  reminded me that I needed some alone time too to re-energize. The other night a good friend reminded me how she loves to sit and watch rain. Early Saturday afternoon with the rain pouring down, I had a drink in my solarium looking out onto the beautiful garden outside. I listened to the rain hitting the windows and ground.It soothed me like nothing else and I relaxed thoroughly.
  3. Reading or TV: Yes, watching a favorite movie or finishing that novel is just what we need sometimes to unwind. Seeing Michael reading his books and watching his favorite music videos, reminded me what I needed to get back  some evenings-down time for me.
  4. Time with my partner: Michael asked both his Dad and I about our upcoming family vacation in August, and what we will be doing. We took advantage of our alone time to discuss it, among just being alone as well to catch up as a couple.

Exceptional Parents, how does your Exceptional Child remind you of what you need to do and avoid doing? What about when they seem to know that the outing you are taking them on is just as good for you as for them? My son has a hard time slowing down, and his Dad and I are starting to show him how to do fun things at home. We are able to convince him to stay home with us and do things inside too. Likewise, he has gotten both of us out of our shells socially, and now we explore more places, go on more adventures, and meet all kinds of different people due to him. I believe that children teach us as much as we teach them about how to have a happier life. Good luck in leading each other. Until next time.