6 Great Exceptional Parent Outing Ideas




All Moms and Dads are tired. They are holding down jobs, keeping house, and trying to spend time with kids somewhere in there. If their kids are “exceptional” it means therapy, different types of extra curricular activities along with school, camp and the regular child things. It’s important not to burn out and to take care of ourselves. This is hard to do. You want to go out alone, with your partner and with your girl/guy friends, but who has the time? This is the tricky thing. You’ve got to make the time. For some of us, a great outing is a power walk by the lake. For others, it is a coffee date with a good book. Some of us need more alone too. Others need more couple or friend time. Whatever you do, make sure to put the time in.



What are some great outing ideas and how can you plan them? Well, for starters think what your interests are. Remember interests, those things you did before having your Exceptional Child? πŸ™‚ I’m someone that loves going to bookstores, nature walks, for a massage or to spas. I also love meeting my girlfriends for lunch, dinner or coffee/drinks. I also need a balance of time alone and with my friends. Time with my partner is important too. We are trying to schedule our next date night as I write this. πŸ™‚ What do you like? What do your friends and family like to do? Here are some ideas for your next “Exceptional Parents Night Out”: (male or female, though I can really only speak for females. :)):

  1. Spa Day Or Evening: A lot of local places will give you access to the baths or even do a mani/pedi session which is rejuvenating.
  2. Picnic lunch or dinner: This is economical and fun now that the warm weather is here. Find some beautiful green space, get together with your girlfriends, bring the blankets and sandwiches, and have a blast.
  3. Check out local festivals: In Montreal we have so many: Shakespeare in the Park, Jazz Festival, Carribean Music Festival etc.
  4. Do a potluck lunch or dinner at someone’s house (send one partner and kids away): This is also fun and economical AND you can have wine as it’s on your property. πŸ™‚
  5. Rent a movie and get together at someone’s house OR go to a theater: This is always a fun one for me as I see movies once or twice a year that are not animated. πŸ™‚
  6. Go see a play, poetry reading or hear an interesting talk: It ranges in price, but is fun. Make sure your friend/spouse is as interested as you or it won’t be as much fun.


Exceptional Parents, what are some fun ideas for you? Moms and Dads, how do your ideas differ? As long as it’s a parenting break and recharge, it’s a good choice. In order to be the best for our kids, we need to take care of us. So go on. It’s time to plan your “Exceptional Outing.” Until next time.



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