A Flower In Bloom-Results from Team Michael


So this morning we will get our latest update on Michael’s ASD status for governmental purposes, but I have to say that Dad and I will be interested to see where he scores, not because it will be something we don’t already know, but out of curiosity how the world views Michael. I have seen him grow by leaps and bounds this year at school, even when we were in the midst of challenging behaviors. His body and mind have grown, and he is now able to understand so much more about his feelings, the world, and due to his recent victories over night difficulties and conquering handwriting problems, his confidence has risen too. Dad and I both proud, and though today’s meeting brings up a lot of emotions in both of us, I can honestly say that we, and Michael, have had lots of positive experiences with therapists and medical personnel. We’ve been lucky in that regard.

Michael, for his part, knows we are going to get the results from these members of “Team Michael,” so that we have even more tools to help him succeed in life. We now have regular talks about his autism, his different brain, and how and why he sees the world in this unique way. Dad and I are having to teach him appropriate physical boundaries with people as well as emotional ones. We have an individual who loves to hug, talk to strangers, and sometimes, well, has revealed some personal information. Dad and I are trying to tread that fine line of teaching him stranger danger while not making him too frightened of our world. He does not understand how scary it can be. I hope in time our examples, social stories, and being open to answering all his questions, will help Michael continue to mature and become confident in himself, in his body, and in the world. He talks to us in a more confident manner, sometimes even bordering on teenage arrogance. We have to correct him often when he uses “his attitude”, but another part of me sees the strong personality and mind behind it, and knows that once he learns social skills in a more appropriate manner, then watch out world, he’ll be a force to reckon with!

Exceptional Parents, how do you feel when you go to get evaluations for your Exceptional Child/dren? Are you ever surprised by what the professionals say, or do you feel that all of you are on the same page when it comes to your child’s progress? I hope it is the latter. There is much our children teach us parents and professionals, so I hope your experience is a positive one. I hope yours and your child’s “team” can see their talents, their intelligence, and help continue to lead your child, along with your help, on to bigger and better things. Until next time.


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