Day: June 10, 2016

Dance Concerts And Music: The Connections That Bind Us


Tomorrow is Michael’s big dance concert. He will be performing with his dance school on stage and is nervous, but excited. Apparently, his class will be ninjas and he is the one who will announce them when they come on. 🙂 Dad and I are very excited to see him perform, and me, well, I’m emotional as usual. I always bring plenty of Kleenex to his school concerts and enjoy seeing him sing and dance. The last two concerts he was the one at the microphone singing with a friend. I was so happy. He loves music and movement as I have mentioned before, and I think music and all art really, are wonderful ways of reaching children and accessing their learning power, all children.

There is something with exceptional children and music and dance though, a connection, a bridge between their world and ours. Music and dance does help create conversation, understanding and sharing among people of different backgrounds, beliefs and languages, and dancing just transcends all boundaries as you don’t need to speak. You just need to feel. Michael drove by the school where the concert will be held with Dad the other day. I found out when his class is going on, near the beginning of the two hour show. These are the things we will remind him of to prepare him as much as we can for an exciting yet scary event, going up on stage.

I remind him that it is normal to be scared.  I still feel that way when I talk in public for work,  but there is more of an excitement now than fear. It’s also about conquering that fear of trying something new and bridging the gap between you and your audience, helping them understand where you are coming from. When things are going well for everyone, you and the audience are in the zone of relating and it is a beautiful thing. Connection through music, dance, speaking is powerful.

Exceptional Parents, what connections have music or art formed for your Exceptional Children? How have they began to relate to people around them after being exposed to music? I truly believe that is the connection between all of us, sounds, waves, bring us all into harmony with one another. We need to encourage each other to reach out in this way, and we will grab the attention of our children, our family and friends, our world. Good luck on making connections through music and movement between you and your children. Until next time.